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The English Dort Version (EDV) with its Authorized Embedded Commentary in Six Volumes

Johannes Bogerman, Willem Baudartius, Gerson Bucerus,

Antonius Walaeus, Festus Hommius, Jacobus Rolandus,

Hermannus Faukelius, Theodore Haak, et al. 

This historic and magisterial work from the Synod of Dort 1618 and the Westminster Assembly 1645 has shaped the hearts and minds of believers for centuries. Compiled and designed in detail for today, the 1657 English Dort Bible, with the Dort-ordered embedded commentary, is the most reliable translation and exposition of Scripture ever produced, and so continues to guide God's people on their pilgrim's path to the New Jerusalem. Each volume contains the Scriptures, commentary, introductions, outlines, maps, art galleries, illustrations and biographies of the contributors . . .  Lots more on the history . . .


The Torah sets the course for the History of Redemption. In the journeys of God’s people from Eden to the edge of the Promised Land, the Dort Scholars teach what  we and our children desperately need to hear today.


The Historical Books rehearse the unfolding of covenant history from the Conquest to the Return from Exile, pointing to the Son of David who will bear the curses of the covenant, earn its blessings and  rule from his throne forever.


The Dort Scholars were well aware that one may well apprehend the facts of the covenant, but yet sense distance from divine favor. The Wisdom Literature speaks to the heart of Christ's Bride with new life in Covenant with God.


The prophets were covenant messengers for Israel’s Sovereign God.  Study big issues for life today such as the antithesis, the treatment of the marginalized in society, the essence of faithful worship, the problem of evil and the Day of the Lord.


The Dort Scholars compel us to see how everything in Scripture is about Jesus. Study here how each inspired gospel writer testifies to the life on earth of the Son who shed hisblood for his own. And then in Acts, of the Savior's ongoing work through his body, the church.


From holiness to worldview, pastoral guidance to combating heresy, problem-solving to vision-casting, comfort for the afflicted to affliction for the comfortable, living in the now and in the not-yet, reaching the lost to retaining the antithesis, Christian freedom to considerate abstinence.

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