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Above All Keep Thine Heart

A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis
of the Wisdom of Proverbs
from the Dort Bible

Proverbs Phrase-By-Phrase

Wouldn’t you love to sit at the feet of the greatest pastor-teachers in history? Their knowledge, their depth, their . . . wisdom? Yet, with their instruction in Elizabethan English, when printing was still underdeveloped by today’s standards—well, from a distance, you may be hesitant to enter the room.


But once inside, you will be mesmerized by what you learn for your life!


For here, rather than simply reading through a proverb, each has a phrase-by-phrase analysis by the Masters (supported by numerous references) embedded within the text itself. That means you will prayerfully toggle back-and-forth between Scripture and their reflections as they disciple you.


Wisdom is a matter of the heart. So, Proverbs instructs us, “Keep thine heart above all that is to be kept” (4:23). Guarding, protecting and nurturing your heart is the theme of this book.


In today’s media bombardment with errant and foolish ideas, God calls believers to “apply thine heart to my knowledge” (22:17). Indeed, “My son, give me thine heart” (23:26). So enter, sit down and take it in, phrase-by-phrase. For there is wisdom for the asking (James 1:5).

- From the Preface


Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series

9x6  - 194 pp. -  Soft-Cover

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