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    Nsmpress Nsmpress Bulk Order Invoices N orth S tar Ministry Press LLC A Gl bal Publishing Boutique for All of Life - New and Featured Products - Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series (New) A Phenomenal Break-Through in Bible-Study More Books! More Nsmpress Titles Israel Independence Medallions On Sale Now The Dort Store Get Our Free Quarterly Newsletter for New Arrivals and Special Offers Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    In the King's Presence How Christ's Royal Majesty Enriches Corporate Worship Hexon J. Maldonado O Worship the King! ​ That Christ is our glorious King should compel us to scour the Scriptures to see how he desires to be approached and worshipped. Not because we worry about what he might do to us. But because we love and adore him, and we desire to please and honor him in all that we do, particularly in how we engage in corporate worship. This book is about the meaning and spiritual reality of biblical worship. It’s about how we should respond when we find ourselves in the presence of our King. See worship transformed from "anything goes" to "everything God." ​ Pp. 223 Soft-cover & E-book ​ Available through our global and regional distributors ​ ​ ​ Listen to Hexon's interview on Iron Sharpens Iron radio broadcast ​ ​ Also on the Basic Bible Podcast ​ ​ Hexon J. Maldonado is the founding pastor and Pastor for Preaching at Tapestry Community Church (Belton, Texas, USA). He holds an M.Div. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY) and a B.A. in Religion from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton, TX). He and his wife, and their four children, reside in central Texas. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Endorsements In many cases the Church has caved to the entertainment, consumer, and political pressures of our culture. The temptation to accommodate is great but, in his book, Hexon Maldonado will help us recover the joy, blessing, honor, and reverence of entering into the King’s presence in corporate worship. -- Rev. Jack Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX Why do we go to church? This simple answer: we’ve been invited. It’s not our initiative but God’s. He is the King and we are his people who have free access through the mediation of his Son. Exploring this amazing reality with solid biblical insight, this book offers a bracing, winsome and convincing adjustment in our approach. If all of our churches followed the wisdom here, the fruit would be enormous! —Michael Horton, Ph.D. Professor of Systematic Theology Westminster Seminary California The holiness and majesty of God informs everything that Hexon Maldonado writes regarding corporate worship. God is actually present among His people when we gather together. We join in with the heavenly worship already taking place around His throne. Since God is the ultimate sovereign, he must not to be treated lightly, but approached with reverence. This is a concise biblical theology of worship that will ignite in your soul a desire to draw near to the very presence of God with the church.” —Allan Kenitz, Pastor Reformed Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, MI ​ Guided by the Reformation principle of Sola Scriptura, Maldonado relentlessly pursues the truth that God is the author of His own worship. Although cognizant of the New Testament’s primacy in shaping the public worship of the Church in keeping with the Gospel, Maldonado, to his credit, is not dismissive of the Old Testament—as if to regulate it almost to a ‘non-essential status.’ If one is looking for a primer on the corporate worship of the Christian Church, this book would be an excellent starting point.” —Joe W. Kelley, Th.M., D.Min. Pastor and Seminary Professor, Emeritus Providence Theological Seminary Hexon Maldonado’s wonderful new book unfolds the spiritual reality of corporate worship from the clear teachings of God’s word. It is at the same time both theologically rich and accessibly practical. I highly recommend it to my fellow pastors and fellow believers alike. If taken to heart, the wisdom found within these pages is a gift which will deepen our weekly services by preparing and equipping the local church to gather together in reverence and awe into the very throne room of His Majesty the King for the purpose of glorifying and enjoying Him. —Greg Van Court, Pastor Dayspring Fellowship, Austin, TX Pastor Maldonado sets out the elements of corporate worship as found in Scripture and then goes on to examine our responsibility as Christians to worship in light of the Lordship of Christ. As an Anglican Priest, I greatly appreciated his emphasis on the sacramental aspects of worship, something that is too often neglected, if not completely left behind. A great help and obvious labor of love.” —Fr. Rogers Meredith St Francis Anglican Church Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Exegetically rich and Christ-centered, this study covers the sweep of redemptive history to show the significance of the church’s assembly under the rule of King Jesus. Whether you are a pastor or a church goer, this book will help you recapture the awesome thing that is happening when believers gather for worship. If you want to make Sunday mornings count for the glory of God, read this! —Daniel Drake, Preaching Elder Killeen Bible Church, Killeen, TX 6x9 - Soft-Cover - pp. 223 ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Buy Now - US Buy Now - CA Buy Now - UK Buy Now - AU Listen Listen Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Dandelion Child Elizabeth Enter ​ Desperate Journeys Fleeing the orphanage in the slums of 19th century London, Eden Davies finds hope in the British Home Child program. Grappling with demons of the past, Eden carries a secret with her that threatens to destroy her future, while questions of self-worth plague the young girl craving a normal life. When the reality of harsh life in rural Canada shatters the dreams she clings to, Eden struggles to find acceptance within the community and discovers that changing life circumstances cannot change who she is. Eventually, Eden crosses paths with a grief-stricken mother, Anna Burke, who finds herself sinking into a deep depression, failing to find purpose as she adapts to life without her son. Discovering a common bond of despair, the lives of these two women are intertwined. ​ These pages take you on a journey of raw human emotion evoking sadness, anger, and heartbreak but also joy, hope and gladness. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and by the end you’ll wish there were more pages to turn.… ​ Elizabeth Enter i s a wife and mother of five. When not helping the children with homework, she is part time in the office of her husband's landscape company, enjoys being outdoors, and finds immense satisfaction in a well-written story. ​ “I have been writing for many years but only recently have chosen to exp ose my soul to the world. This is my debut novel.” ​ ​ ​ ​ Pp. 410 Soft-Cover & E-book Available through our global and regional distributors ​ Buy Now - US Buy Now - CA Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Ecclesiology Theological Study of the Church Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Hidden Stories of War and Peace Under His Wings ​ Unprecedented violence is erupting not only in far-away places like the Middle East, but also nearby in the parking lots of big-box stores and the pews of worshipping believers. The hurt and hatred overwhelming society is nearing a tipping point of enormous collapse. ​ Parallels, from the unspeakable chaos of Europe enflamed in WW II to our own perplexing times, are striking as we see every-day Calvinists, in solidarity with the least of these, burning in the furnace, discovering a fourth man in the fire, and emerging without a hint of smoke on their long white robes. ​ Dedicated to Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones—this book will touch your heart and point your family to a hiding place from the harrowing days pounding on our own front doors. ​ 9 X 6 - Pp.303 Soft-Cover & E-Book These stories are gripping. In part due to the dramatic period of history in which they are set but especially due to the engaging way Christine Farenhorst tells them. - R. Andrew Compton Asst. Prof. of Old Testament Mid-America Reformed Seminary The hero of this WW II story isn't a resistance fighter or soldier, and the bravery involved isn't big or bold. But quiet heroics are heroics still, and what Christine has crafted here is a story to inspire all of us called to everyday, on-going faithfulness. - Jon Dykstra, Editor Reformed Perspective The book you are holding in your hand is, in my opinion, the high-water mark of Christine’s accomplishments . . .. The actual beauty of this book is that she has captured a very real component . . .. That component is the way in which the Sovereignty of God often comes into play into the lives of people in the most unexpected ways bringing about unanticipated results under very trying circumstances. - Heinz G. Dschankilic Former Publisher for Joshua Press ​ In addition to publishing numerous outstanding books, Christine Farenhorst is also a columnist for Reformed Perspective and a contributing writer for Christian Renewal. She and her husband, Anco, have five children, twenty-seven grandchildren, a dog, and twelve chickens. Buy Now Buy Now Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More... Nsmpress Copyright (c) 2019-2020 North Star Ministry Press LLC All Rights Resereved

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    Ancient Roots for Reformed Polity De Synagoga Vetere and the Ecclesiology of the Early Church – An Annotated Compendium Deep and Wide! At last, an updated, user-friendly and annotated edition of one of church history’s most important works on the polity of the church. Here, Dr. C. Vitringa gathers the evidence to support the thesis that the historical-redemptive linkage between the polity and worship of the church in the Old and New Testaments can be discovered in the synagogue. A vital proposition, as everything a church does is determined by its polity, or church orderly way of doing things, based on God’s Word. Be it leadership, worship, discipleship, outreach—all it takes for a church to be the church—how it’s spelled-out, guides the way. If you have an interest in God’s people doing things Christ’s way, here is a text not only rich in church history, but also enriching for your perspective on the church in today’s world. Dr. Vitringa’s dissertation of over 1,100 pages is here condensed into this compendium masterpiece. His vast knowledge of the sources will surely amaze you as much as its continuing relevance may surprise you. ​ The Jews of the Diaspora gradually acquired a worship service that . . . consisted wholly in preaching and prayer. It was these assemblies which in the Old Testament era laid the groundwork for the Christian church community to come. - Herman Bavinck ​ 9 x 6 Pp. 220 - Hard Cover, Soft-Cover & E-Book Buy Now - Buy Now - Buy Now - Hard Cover

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    Only When It's Dark Can We See the Stars A Father's Journal as His Son Battles Cancer John van Popta Four Long Years: That’s the time from 12-year-old Julian’s diagnosis of leukemia until the van Popta family reaches the other side. All the while, dad kept a log chronicling in detail the arduous ordeal. Is there hope in the pitch-dark Valley of Baca? With his journal, you can travel with these pilgrims on their journey. Since John is sharing his entries with extended family, friends and church members, you hear him reporting and reflecting as a pastor. He had encountered similar situations before, but such experience counts for little compared to facing cancer of a loved one firsthand. So you also sense how a father’s heart aches as his son suffers. And how he wrestles with wounded faith. “When I held my son in my arms tonight, I wept.” ​ ​ A minister’s son, John van Popta (B.A., M.Div.) pastored three congregations in the Canadian Reformed Churches before taking an early retirement due to Parkinson’s disease. Keeping an eye on the stars, he and his wife, Bonita, have six children and 25 grandchildren. 9x6 -194 pages - Hard-Cover, Soft-Cover & E-Book Available through our global and regional network of distributors Buy Now - CA Buy Now - US Endorsements What makes this book so compelling is that the story unfolds before the reader’s eyes: these entries are written as the events are taking place. When John and Bonita are on tenterhooks, awaiting results, or are wrestling with a difficult decision regarding Julian’s treatment, the reader likewise is in suspense. The reader does not know what is around the corner from entry to entry . . .. - Ben Faber Christian Renewal Review ​ While this is a deeply personal account, the struggle to trust God in the face of death is one that we’ll all have to face, and this then is an example of how to struggle well. It is a father writing, but there’s no missing this is also a pastor who wants to feed the sheep with what he knows we need: to understand that my only comfort is that I am not my own but belong to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ. That truth, powerfully delivered, makes this not simply a good book, but an important one. - Jon Dykstra Editor Reformed Perspective ​ The author of this book describes a family’s reliance on and trust in the Lord as they walked through the Valley of Baca. The book gives hope, comfort, and understanding to all who read it. Heartily recommended. - Albert H Oosterhoff, LLM Professor Emeritus Western University (Law) In this sober, moving account John van Popta tells the story of the illness of his son Julian, and of the way of bravery, despair, resilience and exhaustion Julian, his parents, family and friends had to go. It is a story of pain and encouragement, medical accomplishments and incapacity, of joy and lament. At crucial moments, God does not seem to respond to calls for help. Yet in all the weeping, hope – even beyond death – becomes real in relationships. - Koert van Bekkum, PhD. Professor of Old Testament Evangelische Theologische Faculteit Theologische Universiteit Kampen│Utrecht God calls most of his people to pass through dark valleys. Few valleys are deeper, and few are darker than the ones in which we see our children suffer. This is a book that will be a blessing to all of those who are being called into times of suffering, sorrow, and uncertainty. - Tim Challies Author, Seasons of Sorrow Heartbreaking and hopeful, these raw, unedited emails record the van Popta family's journey through the valley of the shadow of death and the Good Shepherd's often mysterious presence and care. It was a privilege to be Pastor John van Popta's friend and colleague in the next town over during these events, and to read these emails as they first appeared. I am delighted to see them available to a wider audience. - John Barach, M.Div. Minister of the Word Covenant Presbyterian Church Sulphur, Louisiana This is the story of a family’s heart-breaking journey through the valley of the shadow of death. It will almost certainly make you weep. But it will also lead you to worship the God whose grace is sufficient, and whose goodness and mercy in Christ follow us all the days of our lives. - William den Hollander, Ph.D. Professor of New Testament Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary “Julian has been diagnosed with leukemia.” I remember exactly where I was when I took Pastor John’s phone call that late summer afternoon. The news came like a thunderbolt, shaking the base ment where I was standing. Julian’s remarkable story, so lovingly detailed in this journal, is an encouragement to all. This book is a must-read and is already a best seller in my heart. - Peter Buist, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Emeritus Charleton University This collection of journal entries is vivid in its attention to medical detail and gripping in its stream-of-consciousness style, but what makes it especially worthwhile is its compelling testimony to God’s sovereignty and love. - Jannes Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Old Testament Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary Though it is autobiographical, this book deals with such deep experience that it becomes archetypal. Much can be written about it, but at minimum John van Popta's account of his pilgrimage through the valley of Baca gives us a fleeting glimpse of the infinite love of the Father who gave up his Son for us. - Daniel Shin, M.Div. Minister of the Word Spring Creek CaRC Vineland, Ontario ​ Reformed Perspective Review ​ Buy Now - CA Buy Now - US Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Nsmpress Catalog Theology Contemplative Ecclesiology Fiction Worldview Biographicals Church History Bibles Medallions Get Our Free Quarterly Newsletter for New Arrivals and Special Offers Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    The Shalom-making Church In D ialogue With the Three Sectors of Society Guillermo Puppo Buy Now AGAPOLIS IMAGINED A BREAKTHROUGH VOLUME ON CHURCH-COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ​ The author radiates a passion for the church and the city. He claims that Jesus' teachings and actions enacted shalom-making principles and firmly denounced shalom-breaking systems that sustain the city's economic, social, and cultural structures of power and oppression. Dr. G. Puppo first inductively extracts insights from the Gospel of Luke and, with Social Rhetorical Analysis (SRA), highlights ten social themes. He then initiates a dialogue with the public, private and social sectors of society utilizing (CITI Certified) interviews and analyzing the data with ATLAS.ti software. The reader is guided to the critical intersection of Scripture and our situation. New possibilities ignite for a transformation of the city into a more biblically just environment—a giant leap of faith towards Agapolis (City of Love). “An excellent bridge between the church and the city . . . subsequent dialogue should emerge as a result.” - Bruce E. Winston, Ph.D. Regent University “This book is a fresh wind at a time when the world is consumed by division and controlled by fear.” - Carlo Serrano, Ph.D. Manna University “Clearly , a book that the current church needs to read, to rediscover its role in the Missio Dei and put into practice its call to be the salt of the earth.” - Silvina Kosacki, M.Div. National Hispanic District Council “Research that will become part of the framework for biblical ecclesiology in a contemporary setting . . . for years to come.” - Russell L. Huizing, Ph.D. Toccoa Falls College ​ From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guillermo Puppo (B.B.S., M.A., Ph.D.) is Founder and Senior Pastor of Ciudad de Dios Foursquare Church in Denver, Colorado. He also serves as Senior Instructional Designer at Fuller Theological Seminary and as an Adjunct Professor of Christian Leadership at Manna University. Living in the Mile-High City, Guillermo and his wife, Vanessa, are blessed with two daughters, Ange and Julietta. ​ pp. 432 - Hard-Cover ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Buy Now Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Israel and the Nations A Sketch of Jewish History in Three Volumes Isaäc De Costa A Special Place or One Nation Among Many? This work is presented as part of the conversation today regarding Israel, the Palestinians and Islam, on the eve of the 75th Anniversary of the reestablishment of Israel as a Nation in 1948. Dr. John Bolt discusses at length the present-day bifurcation among Calvinists regarding Israel, and the editor includes a history of Israel into the 21st Century. These modest contributions bookend creatively compiled and lightly annotated sections of Dr. Isaäc Da Costa's extensive and meticulous research on the history of the Jews. Dr. H. Bavinck says that, Israel's culture is advanced beyond any people on earth. The heroes of Israel have not been world conquerors, artists or philosophers but were emissaries of God, carriers of his Word: prophets and psalmists, apostles and evangelists . . . from them is Christ in the flesh. Is he correct? If so, what does it mean for today? This book is published with the intention to press the church to think hard about its theology, as well as public policy, regarding Israel and its place among the nations. ​ Isaäc Da Costa (1798-1860) , a prominent poet and Calvinist theologian, was born and raised in Amsterdam. His Sephardic Jewish ancestors had been expelled from Spain and Portugal during the inquisitional purge of 1492. The Venice of the North became known as “Little Jerusalem.” Da Costa’s intellectual genius and historical acumen have always been widely acknowledged. Earning doctorates in Law and Philosophy at the University of Leiden, he was a member of the Orthodox Reformed party and considered the most influential leader in the Dutch Réveil. Dr. Da Costa was appointed as a professor and the director at the seminary of the Independent Scottish Church. Whether you are an academic in the Ivory Tower or philosemitics in the pews, here is church history that longs to be learned and demands universal transmission. 9x6 - Hard-Cover |Soft-Cover 300 pp. ​ Available through our global and regional distributors ​ ​ Buy Now - USA Buy Now - CA Buy Now - UK Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Thy People is My People A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis of Three Weddings From the Dort Bible Three Weddings Phrase-By-Phrase ​ With the dignity and precision of Elizabethan English comes a phrase-by-phrase analysis of Ruth, Esther and the Song of Songs. The Dort Scholars—Experts of Biblical Interpretation—open Scripture like none before, or since. ​ Discover three weddings and three heroines--an immigrant, double-agent and person of color--enveloped by intense historical-redemptive drama. The exposition is embedded within the text itself, so you toggle back and forth between Scripture and careful interpretation of each Bible verse. The result is a rich and rewarding understanding of these key figures in Salvation History, their splendid place in the coming of Messiah as prophet, priest and king. ​ Studying the three books as a unit promises fresh insights not only on each but also on the Bible as a whole. The one-of-kind style makes it impossible for you to rush through these precious portions of Scripture; rather, you will immerse yourself in God’s Word. ​ So as you research these weddings, take your time, take them in, and fortify your faith, phrase-by-phrase. Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series ​ 6x9 - Soft-Cover - pp. 158 ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Coming Soon

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    Heidelberger Q&A Growing in Grace for youth and new believers Buy Now Why I Need You Now in eighteen crisp lessons, the Heidelberger, edited and revitalized, comes alive for another generation. Here is offered not only the answers but also the questions for life’s most important issues. ​ The vitality of the church thrives on the spiritual health of its members. The Heidelberger Q&A, or Compendium of the Christian religion, was designed to prepare covenant youth and new believers for lively participation in the church and society. This Shorter Heidelberger, tried and tested since 1618-1619, has proven to be a treasure beyond measure. In fact, its spiritual mother, the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, is the third best-selling book of all time, after the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress. ​ Pp. 54 - Soft-cover Faith Formation for Adult Church Participation ​ ​ Available through our global and regional distributors ​ Discounted Bulk Orders Available in the Dort Store

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    Nsmpress About Us North Star Ministry Press LLC is a publishing boutique for authors and their readers who understand the formative value of true knowledge, deep convictions and enduring faithfulness for living in this world. ​ Unlike self-publishing machines or hybrid arms of bigger names, if your book is accepted by Nsmpress, there are no upfront set-up costs or fees to you. You just stit back and collect your royalty checks. ​ We do things the old-fashioned way: good books are published for the quality of their content--not for what we can squeeze out of you up front. ​ ​ ​ To that end, excellent books on theology, life, history, piety, and faith-based fiction are now available and on the way. Envisioned in 2016 as a reformed book imprint, releasing its first titles in 2019, the boutique is blessed to publish outstanding titles within the deep and wide current of an original and robust biblical theology for today. ​ Nsmpress makes its books available throughout our global and regional marketing network on platforms not only like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, but also Walmart, Target and bookstores, as well as our own website, online book stores, and newsletters. Subscribe Contact Us Our Boutique Model ​ Only exclusive, high-quality offerings from our presses ​ A limited number of premium quality titles per year ​ Low pricing through our global and regional distributors Our Core Values ​ ​ We believe that the Son of God, out of the whole human race, from the beginning of the world to its end, gathers, defends, and preserves for himself, by his Spirit and Word, in the unity of the true faith, a church chosen to everlasting life. And I believe that I am and forever shall remain a living member of it. ​ -Heidelberg Catechism LD:21 Here Discover Our Worldview Testimony Professional Memberships: Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Christian Retail Association (CRA); Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS); Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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