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    Nsmpress Nsmpress Bulk Order Invoices N orth S tar Ministry Press LLC A Gl bal Publishing Boutique for All of Life - New and Featured Products - Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series (New) A Phenomenal Break-Through in Bible-Study More Books! More Nsmpress Titles Israel Independence Medallions On Sale Now The Dort Store Get Our Free Quarterly Newsletter for New Arrivals and Special Offers Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Israel and the Nations A Sketch of Jewish History in Three Volumes Isaäc De Costa A Special Place or One Nation Among Many? This work is presented as part of the conversation today regarding Israel, the Palestinians and Islam, on the eve of the 75th Anniversary of the reestablishment of Israel as a Nation in 1948. Dr. John Bolt discusses at length the present-day bifurcation among Calvinists regarding Israel, and the editor includes a history of Israel into the 21st Century. These modest contributions bookend creatively compiled and lightly annotated sections of Dr. Isaäc Da Costa's extensive and meticulous research on the history of the Jews. Dr. H. Bavinck says that, Israel's culture is advanced beyond any people on earth. The heroes of Israel have not been world conquerors, artists or philosophers but were emissaries of God, carriers of his Word: prophets and psalmists, apostles and evangelists . . . from them is Christ in the flesh. Is he correct? If so, what does it mean for today? This book is published with the intention to press the church to think hard about its theology, as well as public policy, regarding Israel and its place among the nations. ​ Isaäc Da Costa (1798-1860) , a prominent poet and Calvinist theologian, was born and raised in Amsterdam. His Sephardic Jewish ancestors had been expelled from Spain and Portugal during the inquisitional purge of 1492. The Venice of the North became known as “Little Jerusalem.” Da Costa’s intellectual genius and historical acumen have always been widely acknowledged. Earning doctorates in Law and Philosophy at the University of Leiden, he was a member of the Orthodox Reformed party and considered the most influential leader in the Dutch Réveil. Dr. Da Costa was appointed as a professor and the director at the seminary of the Independent Scottish Church. Whether you are an academic in the Ivory Tower or philosemitics in the pews, here is church history that longs to be learned and demands universal transmission. 9x6 - Hard-Cover |Soft-Cover 300 pp. ​ Available through our global and regional distributors ​ ​ Buy Now - USA Buy Now - CA Buy Now - UK Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Available in April 2023 The Shalom-making Church In D ialogue With the Three Sectors of Society Guillermo Puppo Buy Now AGAPOLIS IMAGINED A BREAKTHROUGH VOLUME ON CHURCH-COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ​ The author radiates a passion for the church and the city. He claims that Jesus' teachings and actions enacted shalom-making principles and firmly denounced shalom-breaking systems that sustain the city's economic, social, and cultural structures of power and oppression. Dr. G. Puppo first inductively extracts insights from the Gospel of Luke and, with Social Rhetorical Analysis (SRA), highlights ten social themes. He then initiates a dialogue with the public, private and social sectors of society utilizing (CITI Certified) interviews and analyzing the data with ATLAS.ti software. The reader is guided to the critical intersection of Scripture and our situation. New possibilities ignite for a transformation of the city into a more biblically just environment—a giant leap of faith towards Agapolis (City of Love). “An excellent bridge between the church and the city . . . subsequent dialogue should emerge as a result.” - Bruce E. Winston, Ph.D. Regent University “This book is a fresh wind at a time when the world is consumed by division and controlled by fear.” - Carlo Serrano, Ph.D. Manna University “Clearly , a book that the current church needs to read, to rediscover its role in the Missio Dei and put into practice its call to be the salt of the earth.” - Silvina Kosacki, M.Div. National Hispanic District Council “Research that will become part of the framework for biblical ecclesiology in a contemporary setting . . . for years to come.” - Russell L. Huizing, Ph.D. Toccoa Falls College ​ From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guillermo Puppo (B.B.S., M.A., Ph.D.) is Founder and Senior Pastor of Ciudad de Dios Foursquare Church in Denver, Colorado. He also serves as Senior Instructional Designer at Fuller Theological Seminary and as an Adjunct Pro-fessor of Christian Leadership at Manna University. Living in the Mile-High City, Guillermo and his wife, Vanessa, are blessed with two daughters, Ange and Julietta. ​ pp. 462 - Hard-Cover ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Thy People is My People A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis of Three Weddings From the Dort Bible Three Weddings Phrase-By-Phrase ​ With the dignity and precision of Elizabethan English comes a phrase-by-phrase analysis of Ruth, Esther and the Song of Songs. The Dort Scholars—Experts of Biblical Interpretation—open Scripture like none before, or since. ​ Discover three weddings and three heroines--an immigrant, double-agent and person of color--enveloped by intense historical-redemptive drama. The exposition is embedded within the text itself, so you toggle back and forth between Scripture and careful interpretation of each Bible verse. The result is a rich and rewarding understanding of these key figures in Salvation History, their splendid place in the coming of Messiah as prophet, priest and king. ​ Studying the three books as a unit promises fresh insights not only on each but also on the Bible as a whole. The one-of-kind style makes it impossible for you to rush through these precious portions of Scripture; rather, you will immerse yourself in God’s Word. ​ So as you research these weddings, take your time, take them in, and fortify your faith, phrase-by-phrase. Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series ​ 6x9 - Soft-Cover - pp. 158 ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Coming Soon

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    Heidelberger Q&A Growing in Grace for youth and new believers Buy Now Why I Need You Now in eighteen crisp lessons, the Heidelberger, edited and revitalized, comes alive for another generation. Here is offered not only the answers but also the questions for life’s most important issues. ​ The vitality of the church thrives on the spiritual health of its members. The Heidelberger Q&A, or Compendium of the Christian religion, was designed to prepare covenant youth and new believers for lively participation in the church and society. This Shorter Heidelberger, tried and tested since 1618-1619, has proven to be a treasure beyond measure. In fact, its spiritual mother, the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, is the third best-selling book of all time, after the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress. ​ Pp. 54 - Soft-cover Faith Formation for Adult Church Participation ​ ​ Available through our global and regional distributors ​ Discounted Bulk Orders Available in the Dort Store

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    Nsmpress About Us North Star Ministry Press LLC is a publishing boutique for authors and their readers who understand the formative value of true knowledge, deep convictions and enduring faithfulness for living in this world. ​ Unlike self-publishing machines or hybrid arms of bigger names, if your book is accepted by Nsmpress, there are no upfront set-up costs or fees to you. You just stit back and collect your royalty checks. ​ We do things the old-fashioned way: good books are published for the quality of their content--not for what we can squeeze out of you up front. ​ ​ ​ To that end, excellent books on theology, life, history, piety, and faith-based fiction are now available and on the way. Envisioned in 2016 as a reformed book imprint, releasing its first titles in 2019, the boutique is blessed to publish outstanding titles within the deep and wide current of an original and robust biblical theology for today. ​ Nsmpress makes its books available throughout our global and regional marketing network on platforms not only like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, but also Walmart, Target and bookstores, as well as our own website, online book stores, and newsletters. Subscribe Contact Us Our Boutique Model ​ Only exclusive, high-quality offerings from our presses ​ A limited number of premium quality titles per year ​ Low pricing through our global and regional distributors Our Core Values ​ ​ We believe that the Son of God, out of the whole human race, from the beginning of the world to its end, gathers, defends, and preserves for himself, by his Spirit and Word, in the unity of the true faith, a church chosen to everlasting life. And I believe that I am and forever shall remain a living member of it. ​ -Heidelberg Catechism LD:21 Here Discover Our Worldview Testimony Professional Memberships: Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Christian Retail Association (CRA); Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS); Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Above All Keep Thine Heart A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis of the Wisdom of Proverbs from the Dort Bible Proverbs Phrase-By-Phrase ​ Wouldn’t you love to sit at the feet of the greatest pastor-teachers in history? Their knowledge, their depth, their . . . wisdom? Yet, with their instruction in Elizabethan English, when printing was still underdeveloped by today’s standards—well, from a distance, you may be hesitant to enter the room. But once inside, you will be mesmerized by what you learn for your life! For here, rather than simply reading through a proverb, each has a phrase-by-phrase analysis by the Masters (supported by numerous references) embedded within the text itself. That means you will prayerfully toggle back-and-forth between Scripture and their reflections as they disciple you. Wisdom is a matter of the heart. So, Proverbs instructs us, “Keep thine heart above all that is to be kept” (4:23). Guarding, protecting and nurturing your heart is the theme of this book. In today’s media bombardment with errant and foolish ideas, God calls believers to “apply thine heart to my knowledge” (22:17). Indeed, “My son, give me thine heart” (23:26). So enter, sit down and take it in, phrase-by-phrase. For there is wisdom for the asking (James 1:5). - From the Preface Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series ​ 9x6 - 194 pp. - Soft-Cover ​ Available through our global and regional distributors Buy Now - USA Buy Now - CA Buy Now - UK

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    Hidden Stories of War and Peace Under His Wings ​ Unprecedented violence is erupting not only in far-away places like the Middle East, but also nearby in the parking lots of big-box stores and the pews of worshipping believers. The hurt and hatred overwhelming society is nearing a tipping point of enormous collapse. ​ Parallels, from the unspeakable chaos of Europe enflamed in WW II to our own perplexing times, are striking as we see every-day Calvinists, in solidarity with the least of these, burning in the furnace, discovering a fourth man in the fire, and emerging without a hint of smoke on their long white robes. ​ Dedicated to Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones—this book will touch your heart and point your family to a hiding place from the harrowing days pounding on our own front doors. ​ 9 X 6 - Pp.303 Soft-Cover & E-Book These stories are gripping. In part due to the dramatic period of history in which they are set but especially due to the engaging way Christine Farenhorst tells them. - R. Andrew Compton Asst. Prof. of Old Testament Mid-America Reformed Seminary The hero of this WW II story isn't a resistance fighter or soldier, and the bravery involved isn't big or bold. But quiet heroics are heroics still, and what Christine has crafted here is a story to inspire all of us called to everyday, on-going faithfulness. - Jon Dykstra, Editor Reformed Perspective The book you are holding in your hand is, in my opinion, the high-water mark of Christine’s accomplishments . . .. The actual beauty of this book is that she has captured a very real component . . .. That component is the way in which the Sovereignty of God often comes into play into the lives of people in the most unexpected ways bringing about unanticipated results under very trying circumstances. - Heinz G. Dschankilic Former Publisher for Joshua Press ​ In addition to publishing numerous outstanding books, Christine Farenhorst is also a columnist for Reformed Perspective and a contributing writer for Christian Renewal. She and her husband, Anco, have five children, twenty-seven grandchildren, a dog, and twelve chickens. Buy Now Buy Now Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More... Nsmpress Copyright (c) 2019-2020 North Star Ministry Press LLC All Rights Resereved

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    The Dordrecht Bible Commentary Volume IV: The Prophetic Books ​ For 400 years, the Dort Bible [Statenvertaling] has blessed the universal church not only with a tried and true translation but also a revered running commentary from the best and most godly pastor-theologians of the 17th Century Golden Age. This special gift for God’s people, covering all of Scripture, was approved by both the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 and the Westminster Assembly 1645. The prophets were covenant messengers for Israel’s Sovereign God. Royal messengers are not self-appointed as such but are called and equipped by the king to deliver his messages. The prophetic writings, frequently prosecuting covenant lawsuits, let us hear in greater detail what was forth-told and foretold in addition to excerpts in the historical books. The prophets raise issues such as the antithesis, the treatment of the marginalized in society, the essence of faithful worship practices and the problem of evil. Proclaimed most pointedly is the coming Day of the Lord in judgment due to the unbelief of Israel and the nations, as well as in promise of immense blessing upon the faithful. Clear testimony is given as to how the latter would be accomplished only by the arrival of the Messiah, whose coming was foretold from the beginning. With much of the most vivid and dramatic revelation in Salvation History, the four Major Prophets differ from the twelve Minor Prophets only for length, not in importance. The highly learned analyses and observations of the Dort Scholars present inspiring material for a believer’s life-time of learning for the apprehension and all-of-life application of the Gospel. 8 x 10 - Pp. 728 Soft-Cover & E-Book Buy Six-Volume Set Belshazzer's Feast (Rembrandt) Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More... Nsmpress Copyright (c) 2019-2020 North Star Ministry Press LLC All Rights Resereved

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    Seventy Resolutions by the Young Jonathan Edwards Explained and Applied Robert D. Norman RESOLUTE! How could a mere teenager produce such extraordinary resolutions? His story starts with a promising and intelligent college student who stands by the bed of his dying grandfather and hears the words: “I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and I desire to do so more and more.” Robert Norman discovered these resolutions for himself, and decided to write meditations for each, that bring them into the 21st Century. ​ Edwards studied and led at Yale, served as a faithful pastor-scholar, became a catalyst for the first Great Awakening and was appointed as the Third President of Princeton University. He is widely regarded as one of America's most important and original philosophical theologians. ​ In 1722 and 1723, Edwards wrote seventy purpose statements for his life, known as his “Resolutions.” This young minister worked hard to keep these seventy vows. Here is a key to his spiritual growth, as well as yours, studying Norman’s meditations day-by-day. ​ ​ Robert D. Norman, theologically educated in the UK, is a missionary in Romania. There, he and his wife, Ema, seek to be faithful servants of Jesus Christ, resolutely sounding out the gospel trumpet for sinners to repent and to follow Jesus. ​ 6x9 - pp., 225 - Hard-Cover - Soft-Cover - E-Book ​ Available through out global and regional distributors Buy Now - UK Hardcover - UK Buy Now - US Hardcover - US Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    The New Has Come Christine Farenhorst The place is Schiermonnikoog, an idyllic, tiny island off the North Sea coast of the Netherlands; the time is WW II and its various upheavals, interwoven with a battle for the soul of the child Linnet. She has been predestined for daughtership through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will. Knit together in a womb, she was destined to be breathed upon by the Holy Spirit. However, she is not aware of this wonderful truth. At the right moment in her life, the heavenly Father, in His infinite grace, mercy and providence, picks Linnet up by the seat of her little pants, sets her straight, and opens the eyes of her heart. However, the means God uses to unlock ears and open eyes, are mysterious. The fact is that He sometimes does things in ways we do not understand. Confusing hours and difficult days must be lived through before this covenant child catches sight of Canaan. ​ 6 x 9 pp. 262 - Soft-Cover ​ Now available through our global and regional distributors Buy Now - CA Buy Now - USA ​ Endorsements This is a delightful story of a curious little girl caught up in the tempest of World War II and carried by God’s secret providence to discover his Son Jesus Christ. - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President Puritan Reformed Seminary An excellent piece of writing! I enjoyed it very much! We all know that God is working out His great plan in His providence. Often, however, we fail to meditate on what seem to be the small events through which God is working. The book portrays the Great War going on in Europe and God’s work in a small girl. What a God we have! What a story!” - Rev. Jerome Julien Minister of the Word, Emeritus This dramatic and unusual war story about little Linnet and her family is also a biblical meditation on the passing of the old and the coming of the new. Farenhorst’s compassion for her characters drew me into a world that I have been reliving and pondering as I see truth peeking out from unexpected places. - Annie Kate Aarnoutse, Tea Time with Annie Kate This book is classic Christine. It is so easy to read – one gets quickly lost in the story – yet with rich, profound layering and depth. Truly a story for the whole family to laugh, cry, discuss, be challenged, and grow in grace. We simply loved this book. - Mr. Maynard and Dr. Richelle Lanting This is World War II through the eyes of a five-year-old Dutch girl who, we discover, knows absolutely nothing about God. For our own children, who may take always knowing God for granted, it will be eye-opening to follow what it's like, and how wonderful it is, for someone to be introduced to God for the first time. Linnet has the same wonderings any kid might have, but her wartime experiences also have her asking deeper questions, including a child's version of "God are you really there?" This is that rarity that will appeal to all ages: the World War II setting and charming protagonist will grab your children; moms and dads will appreciate Linnet's questions and the opportunities they present to talk about God with our kids, and grandparents will get more than a little misty-eyed at just how beautifully this tale is told. I could not recommend it more highly! - Jon Dykstra Editor Reformed Perspective Buy Now - CA Buy Now - USA Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    ​ The Five Omnias of the Reformation You have undoubtedly heard of the Five Solas of the Reformation. Whether it’s been on websites, in sermons or magazines, and maybe even at a conference or two, you’ve rejoiced in the celebrated truths. As you reflect, you may recall that the Solas are by-and-large distinctive and exclusive in character. After all, the Reformers were systematically demarking orthodox landscape by the old landmarks. We’ve come to appreciate their immense sacrifice for the Five Solas--Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone and To God Alone Be Glory. These shape the architecture for the church’s pentagon, its bulwark, particularly in well-grounded soteriology that was threatened to extinction by the Roman Catholic Church. We venture to say that the Five Solas ought to drive us to the Five Omnias of the Reformation. You know the Latin word, omni, from words like “omni-directional,” i.e. something that receives or transmits signals in all directions. The Five Omnias embody Five Alls. One could say that “Solas” and “Omnias” are two sides of the same coin. Though it would take quite a library to begin to explain each, let me dare a few lines to show how marvelously the Omnias spring from the Solas. 1 Omnis Scriptura (2 Tim. 3:16) What this first Omnia means is that the Bible is more than our only source of inerrant revelation. Note well, that all Scripture is profitable for teaching and training in righteousness. For precisely this reason, among the Reformers, the Old Testament appears new again; the lectionary is discarded for living, expository preaching; and all of Scripture—Genesis to Revelation—is recognized as the thrilling history of God’s redemptive activity from Creation to Consummation, centered upon the atonement. When it comes to the Reformation, a new era dawns with all Scripture. That’s why Reformed exegesis focuses not so much on pet texts, as it does on every text in terms of the entire Bible. And Omnis Scriptura is our guide whether or not it is comfortable for us or correct by culture’s standards. You can be sure that every verse provides relevant data for a Christian’s GPS. Since Scripture covers all history, we also cherish its drama as indubitable testimony that God is directing every moment for the eternal embrace of his people. And what about those things men of the world happen to “discover” in God’s providence? Such must conform not in part but to all of his Word. For with the Reformation, the church retrieves nothing but the truth. 2 Omnes Gentes (Matt. 28:19) Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus issued the church “The Great Commission,” to go into all the world, “teaching them everything I have commanded you.” “World” here in theological Latin is from gentes, i.e., world or nations. Christ is the Word, the Logos; all of God’s Word revealed must penetrate Omnes Gentes, all nations. You know the term, “Gentiles.” Paul says the gospel is not only for the Jews but also for the Gentiles— literally, tribes and families, way beyond the Jewish camp—the world. Remember, God made the covenant promise that all the nations of the earth would be blessed through Abraham’s seed. Omnes Gentes means the Body of Christ may never take a break from going all out. This gem of the Reformation immediately sparkles in Reformed businessmen (merchants) traveling far and wide—even to the New World—for commerce. Their countless, dangerous voyages at the time of the Reformation and into the Dutch Golden Age proved invaluable for distributing the rediscovered treasure for transforming civilizations. Also, they were blessed with means to finance full-time missionary labors. Reformation capital enthusiastically embarks on world missions. 3 Omnis Omnia (I Cor. 10:31) Speaking of cultural transformation, Paul preached that in Christ all things were created and that God has placed all things under his feet. No surprise then, that whatsoever we do, must be done in praise to his name. Precious is the thought that all of life is sacred, that every square inch falls under Christ’s reign. So, if we are to strum the five-string guitar of the Solas, we’d better march to the beat of our Master’s drum in claiming every sphere as belonging to him. Salvation is through faith alone, but a living faith geared for unfathomable impact. But was this not God’s plan from the beginning? The Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters, and storming Pentecost with wind and fire, now has his eye on the Omnis Omnia—All Things, All Spheres—in his path. For the Reformation, the Great Commission breathed new life into the Cultural Mandate to fill the earth and subdue it for Christ’s sake. Now, even bells on horses and clanging cooking pots begin to ring out a new tune as holy unto the Lord. So, rejected was the medieval dichotomy between sacred and secular. Sure, on the one hand, the Reformers transformed the church and its worship. But, on the other hand, they also established Christian education, hospitals, poverty relief, free enterprise, political engagement and even sanitary sewer systems—all in service to Christ who rules over all. So the Reformers literally paved the way for building a Christian society from the ground up. In other words, the Reformation launched Christian worldview. Not for building a utopia on earth, mind you, but for preparing the elect for the life to come. 4 Omnia Membra (1 Cor. 12:12) Essential for activating the Five Solas was the Reformation’s insistence on the priesthood of all believers. The Apostle states more than once that every member of Christ’s church, from the cradle to the grave, has a valued role to play for all Scripture to get to all nations into every sphere of life. With no single body-part more essential than the rest, the church needs eyes and ears as well as arms and legs. This monumental Omnia disallows anyone to sit in the bleachers only to applaud religious professionals. Now, all members sing, all members serve. The Apostolic strategy is to grow a covenant community fully engaged. With that in mind, is it any wonder the Reformation placed such a high premium on Preaching the Word, catechizing the youth and life-long learning for adults? Not to mention translating Scripture into the language of the people? They viewed intentional faith formation as celestial equipping for life reformation. No one left behind because Omnia Membra—All Members—are enlisted for active duty. As you can see, the Reformation mobilizes a powerful, democratic movement within divinely designed order. 5 Omnis Corda (Mark 12:30) All said, along with the global, volcanic eruption of the Five Solas, the Reformation never missed a beat on the heart of the matter. Jesus said we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart. The wisdom of Proverbs cries out, “My son, give me thy heart.” Calvin’s famous motto: “I offer my heart to Thee, Lord, promptly and sincerely.” You need only think of the Calvinist Sursum Corda, “Let us lift up our hearts on high in heaven where Jesus is . . . .” So says our venerable Lord’s Supper form, straight from the heart of Geneva, Heidelberg and Dordrecht. Rejecting condemnable papal idolatry as mere, outward ritual, our Reformation heroes appropriated by grace deep down a comprehensive Christianity that is anchored in the heart. When Christ knocks on the door of yours, he’s not begging for a room to rent; he enters to take ownership of the entire estate. Our Savior didn’t shed his blood, send his Spirit, and graciously soften your hard heart, only to leave some corners cold and uninhabitable. There, the King of the Universe shall be enthroned in all his royal majesty. For all Scripture, to reach all nations, in all spheres, with all members, those Reformers had certain knowledge and assured confidence that the Hound of Heaven would never rest until he’s flooded the hearts of his own with his irresistible love. With the Reformation, the Bride welcomes the Bridegroom into her innermost chambers. Omnis Deus: What? One More All? Paul lifts off as he writes of “the one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all” (Eph. 4:6). For a fleeting moment I thought, “Is not this one more Omnia? Are there perhaps six ‘Alls’ of the Reformation, rather than five? Can you see it now? Omnis Deus gushes magnificently in and through all the Omnias. Is this not a glorious doxology for those five, briefly explained? For this knee-bending compendium presents a heaven’s-eye view of all—from life to death, time to eternity, things visible to invisible. Because yes, it’s all about God; nothing really about us. No wonder the Latin root omni distinguishes divine, incommunicable attributes as in omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. By no accident, the absolute Sovereignty of God is the crown jewel of Calvinism. You might say, All for One and One for All. Here is why the Five Alls flow so freely from the Five Alones, which conclude with “To God Alone, Be Glory.” So what do the Five Omnias entail? All Scripture, All Nations, All Spheres, All Members and All your Heart. And with two words, you can describe the entire Reformed enterprise: All God. To sum up: the Reformation was not only exclusive, but also inclusive; not only about closely defined distinctives but also broadly applied directives; we are not only to guard carefully the citadels by the old landmarks, but also vigorously to plant the Kingdom flag in ever-expanding territories of our lives. While the Solas ground the church in her priceless soteriology, the Omnias galvanize her for palatial eschatology. This is our testimony until the Lord of the Harvest arrives—the All in All—for all his own. ​ - Copyright (c) 2019 North Star Ministry Press All Rights Reserved Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Listen! Six Men You Should Known Christine Farenhorst Are You Well-Grounded? In the Parable of the Sower, we learn how the good seed of God’s Word is scattered everywhere, but falls on different kinds of soils: on hardened paths, in rocky places, among thorns and … on good soil. Each of these six significant men were raised in godly homes. Farenhorst tells their stories, their incredible accomplishments, and then how each one turns out. These intriguing biographies of Marin Luther King Jr., Albert Schweitzer, Rembrandt, Samuel Morse, Sigmund Freud and Norman Rockwell beg the question, “So who do you say that I am?” Let those who have ears to hear, listen! Get to know these men, and get to know yourself. “An immensely readable and profitable book that explains and analyzes the lives of some well-known figures who have influenced humanity. A number of them were gifted but tragic men. The warnings that their lives proclaim are immensely salutary and fascinating. I loved reading this book. It is quite gripping, written with the accomplished literary style of this gifted author.” - Geoffrey Thomas Wales, UK ​ 6x9 - 220 pp. - Soft-Cover & E-Book Available world-wide through our global and regional distributors Buy Now - CA Buy Now - UK Buy Now - US Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More Nsmpress Copyright (c) 2019-2021 North Star Ministry Press LLC All Rights Resereved

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    Nsmpress Bibles Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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    Nsmpress The English Dort Version (EDV) with its Authorized Embedded Commentary in Six Volumes Johannes Bogerman, Willem Baudartius, Gerson Bucerus, Antonius Walaeus, Festus Hommius, Jacobus Rolandus, Hermannus Faukelius, Theodore Haak, et al. ​ ​ This historic and magisterial work from the Synod of Dort 1618 and the Westminster Assembly 1645 has shaped the hearts and minds of believers for centuries. Compiled and designed in detail for today, the 1657 English Dort Bible, with the Dort-ordered embedded commentary , is the most reliable translation and exposition of Scripture ever produced, and so continues to guide God's people on their pilgrim's path to the New Jerusalem. Each volume contains the Scriptures, commentary, introductions, outlines, maps, art galleries, illustrations and biographies of the contributors . . . Lots more on the history . . . The Torah sets the course for the History of Redemption. In the journeys of God’s people from Eden to the edge of the Promised Land, the Dort Scholars teach what we and our children desperately need to hear today. The Historical Books rehearse the unfolding of covenant history from the Conquest to the Return from Exile, pointing to the Son of David who will bear the curses of the covenant, earn its blessings and rule from his throne forever. ​ The Dort Scholars were well aware that one may well apprehend the facts of the covenant, but yet sense distance from divine favor. The Wisdom Literature speaks to the heart of Christ's Bride with new life in Covenant with God. The prophets were covenant messengers for Israel’s Sovereign God. Study big issues for life today such as the antithesis, the treatment of the marginalized in society, the essence of faithful worship, the problem of evil and the Day of the Lord. The Dort Scholars compel us to see how everything in Scripture is about Jesus. Study here how each inspired gospel writer testifies to the life on earth of the Son who shed hisblood for his own. And then in Acts, of the Savior's ongoing work through his body, the church. From holiness to worldview, pastoral guidance to combating heresy, problem-solving to vision-casting, comfort for the afflicted to affliction for the comfortable, living in the now and in the not-yet, reaching the lost to retaining the antithesis, Christian freedom to considerate abstinence. Buy Now - US Buy Now - UK Buy Now - CA Buy Now - AU Home About Us Catalog Bibles Videos MS Inquiries Contact More

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