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About Us

North Star Ministry Press LLC is a publishing boutique for authors and their readers who understand the formative value of true knowledge, deep convictions and enduring faithfulness for living in this world. 

To that end, excellent books on theology, life, history and piety, non-fiction and fiction, are now available and on the way.

A not-for-profit business for ministry, Nsmpress can  offer the best books at the best prices that will a make the most impact for generations to come.

Envisioned in 2016, releasing its first titles in 2018, the boutique is blessed to publish outstanding books world-wide.


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Our Boutique Model

Only exclusive, high-quality offerings from our presses

 A limited number of premium quality titles per year

Low pricing through our global and regional distributors


Our Core Values

We believe that the Son of God, 

out of the whole human race, 

from the beginning of the world to its end, 

gathers, defends, and preserves for himself, 

by his Spirit and Word, 

in the unity of the true faith, 

a church chosen to everlasting life. 

And I believe that I am 

and forever shall remain

a living member of it. 

-Heidelberg Catechism LD:21



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