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The Dordrecht Bible Commentary

Volume VI: The Epistles & Revelation

For 400 years, the Dort Bible [Statenvertaling] has blessed the universal church not only with a tried and true translation but also a revered running commentary from the best and most godly pastor-theologians of the 17th Century Golden Age. This special gift for God’s people, covering all of Scripture, was approved by both the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 and the Westminster Assembly 1645.


This final offering in the six-volume set, preserving the original, Early-Modern 17th Century text, consists of the books of Romans - Revelation. Epistolary Literature of the New Testament can be compared to the Prophetical Books in the Old Testament. As the latter provide the writings of the primary messengers of the covenant throughout the history recorded in the previous books, so the apostles are the primary messengers and interpreters of covenant history recorded in the Gospels and Acts.


Instruction for God’s people runs from personal holiness to Christian worldview, pastoral guidance to combating heresy, ecclesiastical problem-solving to expansive vision-casting, comfort for the afflicted to affliction for the comfortable, living in the now to living in what is to come, reaching the lost to retaining the antithesis, Christian freedom to considerate abstinence—and countless more vital themes are covered with clarity and illumination.

In this the last volume, particularly rich are Rembrandt’s portrayals of our apostolic fathers who laid the firm foundation of the church. Also inspiring are the final two biographies of the scholars who contributed to the over 58,000 comments in this gift to the church.


The seven appointed theologians of the Great Synod of Dort 1618-1619, as well as their numerous revisors and consultants, provided perhaps the most complete and competent Bible version and commentary in the history of the Church,

8 x 10 - Pp. 436 Soft-Cover & E-Book

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The Apostle Paul in Prison (Rembrandt)


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