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The Dordrecht Bible Commentary

Volume I: The Pentateuch

For 400 years, the Dort Bible [Statenvertaling] has blessed the universal church with not only a tried and true translation, but also a revered running commentary, from the best and most godly pastor-theologians of the 17th Century Golden Age.  A profound gift for God’s people, the work was not only ordered by the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 but was also approved by the Westminster Assembly 1645.


Containing the Dort-ordered embedded commentary, preserved in the Early-Modern English Henry Hill text of 1657, this the 2019 edition entitled, The Dordrecht Bible Commentary, commemorates the special anniversary of the Great Synod to which it traces its origin.


The Pentateuch contains the Five Books of Moses or, the Torah. As the foundation for the entire Bible, the Pentateuch sets the course for the History of Redemption on the long road to Bethlehem and Calvary. Following the journeys of God’s people from the Garden of Eden to the edge of the Promised Land, what God teaches his people then are the same truths we and our children desperately need to hear today and tomorrow.


In addition to an extended overview of the project in this the first of the six volumes with more than 3,100 pages, included in each are introductions, contributors’ biographies, art galleries, fresh outlines for every book of the Bible, maps and searchable indices. The History of the English Dort Bible offers a scholarly overview for historical, theological and technical details regarding this influential work.


For every student of Scripture, whether in the home or in the academy, the more than 58,000 valuable and inspiring comments in this historic work, on all 66 books of the Bible, have proven time and again to renew the mind, grip the heart and point the way for right living—the genius of the Reformation and the Further Reformation of the church.

8x10 - Pp. 451 Soft-Cover & E-Book



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