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The Dordrecht Bible Commentary

Volume IV: The Prophetic Books

For 400 years, the Dort Bible [Statenvertaling] has blessed the universal church not only with a tried and true translation but also a revered running commentary from the best and most godly pastor-theologians of the 17th Century Golden Age. This special gift for God’s people, covering all of Scripture, was approved by both the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 and the Westminster Assembly 1645.


The prophets were covenant messengers for Israel’s Sovereign God. Royal messengers are not self-appointed as such but are called and equipped by the king to deliver his messages.  The prophetic writings, frequently prosecuting covenant lawsuits, let us hear in greater detail what was forth-told and foretold in addition to excerpts in the historical books.

The prophets raise issues such as the antithesis, the treatment of the marginalized in society, the essence of faithful worship practices and the problem of evil.  


Proclaimed most pointedly is the coming Day of the Lord in judgment due to the unbelief of Israel and the nations, as well as in promise of immense blessing upon the faithful. Clear testimony is given as to how the latter would be accomplished only by the arrival of the Messiah, whose coming was foretold from the beginning.


With much of the most vivid and dramatic revelation in Salvation History, the four Major Prophets differ from the twelve Minor Prophets only for length, not in importance. The highly learned analyses and observations of the Dort Scholars present inspiring material for a believer’s life-time of learning for the apprehension and all-of-life application of the Gospel.

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