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The LORD Makes Me Right Happy

A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis
of the Psalms of David
from the Dort Bible


Into the Psalms Phrase-By-Phrase

Wouldn’t you love to study the psalms under the wings of the greatest pastor-teachers in history? Yet, with their instruction in Elizabethan English—and printing still underdeveloped by today’s standards—well, from a distance, it may look like a tough row to hoe . . . at first.


However, once you dig into these five volumes, amazing flowers and fruit burst forth from its rich soil. Beyond your imagination. For, rather than quickly reading through psalms, here each has a phrase-by-phrase analysis by the Masters (supported by numerous references) embedded within the text itself.


Toggling back and forth between Scripture and the reflections of godly scholars you will be studying God’s Word at a new level. You will learn to stop and smell the tulips to take in the fragrance.


As you sing these psalms in your heart and mind, you will experience melodies of . . .

praise and adoration

hallelujahs and lament

conviction and assurance

thanksgiving and petitions

soul-search and communal-care.

Above all, the teachers will help you see Jesus, everywhere.


While people today may debate whether it is best to be right or to be happy, these psalms, by grace, can make you, as in the DBC: “right happy.”


Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series

9x6 - 370 pp, - Soft-Cover

Available through our global and regional distributors

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