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The Dordrecht Bible Commentary

Volume II: The Historical Books

For 400 years, the Dort Bible [Statenvertaling] has blessed the universal church with not only a tried and true translation but also a revered running commentary from the best and most godly pastor-theologians of the 17th Century Golden Age.


Containing the Dort-ordered embedded commentary, preserved in the Early-Modern English text, this profound gift to the church was not only ordered by the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 but was also approved by the Westminster Assembly 1645.


The Historical Books replay the unfolding of Israel’s history from the Conquest to the Return from Exile. The books are divided into two sections, each presenting an infallible record of those events from a unique point of view. Section I does so from the perspective of the relentless failure of God’s people to keep the covenant, and how their disobedience follows them all the way into exile. Section II, from the perspective of hope in God’s unshakable promises, Israel is returned to the Land to rebuild the temple and fortify the walls of Jerusalem. The entirety of this Salvation History points to the Son of David who will come to bear the curses of the covenant, earn its blessings, and rule from his throne forever, all for the glory of God in Christ and his own.


The inspired and infallible history recorded then has profound significance for God’s people today—for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. With over 58,000 comments on the 66 books of all Scripture, there is here a life-time of learning.


For students of Holy Scripture, whether in their home or in the academy, the insights of Dort, time and again, will renew the mind, grip the heart and point the way for right living—the genius of the Reformation and the Further Reformation of the church.

8x10 Pp. 603 Soft-Cover & E-Book


David Offering Goliath's Head to King Saul


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