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Commentary on the Palatinate
Lord's Supper Liturgy

The Critical Edition

B. Wielenga


Here Christ Gives Himself as Food and Drink

B. Wielenga (1873-1949) writes that. “The Lord’s Supper is where heaven and earth approach each other most nearly. The past, present and future of redemptive history meet and join hands. Christ in all his glory and complete sufficiency is brought near to the humble of heart.


“While not itself the fountain, nevertheless for countless thousands the liturgy has served as a cup of the living water for the abundant refreshment of thirsty souls. The liturgy ushers the hearts, under the blessing of the Spirit, precisely into that experiential frame of mind and luminous vision of faith that is so necessary for the proper celebration of Communion.

"For here, Christ gives himself as food and drink by identifying himself with his people and pouring out his Mediator’s life. The service breathes the language of him whose hand reaches out especially to the weak, those whom he is eager to gather in his arms. Here the pilgrims rest awhile in the cool shade of the Palms of Elim and drink deeply of the fresh waters from the fountain of salvation.

“This sounds like an overture that is preparing the hearts of the listeners for pure enjoyment.”


The Palatinate Lord’s Supper Liturgy

“Stands head and shoulders above

any other liturgical documents.”


 Means of Grace Series

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