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Ancient Roots for Reformed Polity


De Synagoga Vetere and the Ecclesiology of the Early Church – An Annotated Compendium

Deep and Wide!


At last, an updated, user-friendly and annotated edition of one of church history’s most important works on the polity of the church. Here, Dr. C. Vitringa gathers the evidence to support the thesis that the historical-redemptive linkage between the polity and worship of the church in the Old and New Testaments can be discovered in the synagogue.


A vital proposition, as everything a church does is determined by its polity, or church orderly way of doing things, based on God’s Word. Be it leadership, worship, discipleship, outreach—all it takes for a church to be the church—how it’s spelled-out, guides the way.


If you have an interest in God’s people doing things Christ’s way, here is a text not only rich in church history, but also enriching for your perspective on the church in today’s world.


Dr. Vitringa’s dissertation of over 1,100 pages is here condensed into this compendium masterpiece. His vast knowledge of the sources will surely amaze you as much as its continuing relevance may surprise you.

The Jews of the Diaspora gradually acquired a worship service that . . .  consisted wholly in preaching and prayer. It was these assemblies which in the Old Testament era laid the groundwork for the Christian church community to come. 

- Herman Bavinck


9 x 6  Pp. 220 - Hard Cover,  Soft-Cover & E-Book

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