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Faith's Eye to the Future

Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

You may not realize it right now, but  Abraham  was  not   the  “great”  man  that  people  often  seem  to  say  he  was.  You  may   think, “Yes,  Abraham  was   a  good  guy.  And I want to be just  like that good guy Abraham.” If so, then you are in for a big shock.  His accomplishments will be noted  in  this  book; however, a  large portion  will also show where  Abraham often  failed in his walk with God.


Still, Abraham lived by faith,  looking ahead  to  that day  when God  would  fulfill  his promise  to  be a faithful  God  to  him  and to his  descendants  after  him.   That in  him, all  the  families  of   the   earth  would   be   blessed (Heb. 11:8-19).


By faith, the father of believers saw a divine plan begin to come into view.  And that same covenant God of Abraham also has a plan for you.  Because, four thousand years later, God is still doing wonderful things through the children of Abraham—all those who are in Christ (Gal. 3:29).


Robert Norman inspires you to walk that long, winding and often difficult path of faith, step-by-step, with Abraham. On the road to Bethlehem, Golgotha, and on to the New Jerusalem, you will  learn  how  to  keep  your  eye  on the  prize  (Philip. 3;14), however imperfectly, following Jesus.

"It's no surprise to me that Robert has included these themes . . . because they are key in helping us to understand, not only the life of Abraham, but God's divine plan of salvation, which can be traced through the entire Bible."  

-D. Paul Mitchel, Director, Grace to You

6x9 Pp. 203 Soft-Cover & E-Book


Robert D. Norman was born in Welwyn, Garden City, England, and his family later moved to Inverness, Scotland. There, still a young man, he was   drawn to faith in Christ. Having completed his studies at the Highland Theological College UHI, he is following God’s calling as a missionary in Dorohoi, Romania, where he proclaims the Word, disciples new Christians and cares for orphans.



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