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That Thou Mightest Know
A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis of
Dr. Luke's Reports from the Dort Bible

Dr. Luke Phrase-By-Phrase

Did you know that the personal physician of the Apostle Paul, Dr. Luke, wrote more of the New Testament than any other author? Pastor-scholars stand ready to break down his thick files for you, phrase-by-phrase. Teaching in the dignified Elizabethan English of their day, studious attention is deserved as they offer rich and rewarding insights into the truth.


With their exposition embedded within the text itself, instead of rushing through Luke, you will take your time to toggle back-and-forth between what the doctor sketches and the reflections of the Expert Interpreters.


Dr. Luke diligently gathers evidence, at every opportunity interviewing eye-witnesses, writing at length with the precision of a medical report. Not surprisingly, he notes in his two volumes with special attention those who are hurting, e.g., women, the sick, poor, crippled, imprisoned, and tormented. He reveals his doctor’s heart as he records the history of Jesus and his Body.


As the only non-Jewish author of Scripture, he presents throughout his reports a global interest in the spread of the gospel, indeed, the publishing of the angels’ Glad Tidings of Great Joy to all people.


And if you happen to know something of suffering, the experience of pain and hardship, perhaps ignored or discarded, Dr. Luke is especially for you. The “Beloved Physician” who traveled with Paul, conducts thorough examinations, and makes his referrals to the Great Physician.


Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series

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