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The New Has Come
Christine Farenhorst

The place is Schiermonnikoog, an idyllic, tiny island off the North Sea coast of the Netherlands; the time is WW II and its various upheavals, interwoven with a battle for the soul of the child Linnet.


She has been predestined for daughtership through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will. Knit together in a womb, she was destined to be breathed upon by the Holy Spirit. However, she is not aware of this

wonderful truth.


At the right moment in her life, the heavenly Father, in His infinite grace, mercy and providence, picks Linnet up by the seat of her little pants, sets her straight, and opens the eyes of her heart. However, the means God uses to unlock ears and open eyes, are mysterious.


The fact is that He sometimes does things in ways we do not understand. Confusing hours and difficult days must be lived through before this covenant child catches sight of Canaan.

6 x 9  pp. 262 - Soft-Cover

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This is a delightful story of a curious little girl caught up in the tempest of World War II and carried by God’s secret providence to discover his Son Jesus Christ.

 - Dr. Joel R. Beeke,


Puritan Reformed Seminary


An excellent piece of writing! I enjoyed it very much! We all know that God is working out His great plan in His providence. Often, however, we fail to meditate on what seem to be the small events through which God is working. The book portrays the Great War going on in Europe and God’s work in a small girl. What a God we have! What a story!”

- Rev. Jerome Julien

Minister of the Word, Emeritus


This dramatic and unusual war story about little Linnet and her family is also a biblical meditation on the passing of the old and the coming of the new. Farenhorst’s compassion for her characters drew me into a world that I have been reliving and pondering as I see truth peeking out from unexpected places.

- Annie Kate Aarnoutse,

Tea Time with Annie Kate


This book is classic Christine. It is so easy to read – one gets quickly lost in the story – yet with rich, profound layering and depth. Truly a story for the whole family to laugh, cry, discuss, be challenged, and grow in grace. We simply loved this book.

- Mr. Maynard and Dr. Richelle Lanting


This is World War II through the eyes of a five-year-old Dutch girl who, we discover, knows absolutely nothing about God. For our own children, who may take always knowing God for granted, it will be eye-opening to follow what it's like, and how wonderful it is, for someone to be introduced to God for the first time. Linnet has the same wonderings any kid might have, but her wartime experiences also have her asking deeper questions, including a child's version of "God are you really there?"

This is that rarity that will appeal to all ages: the World War II setting and charming protagonist will grab your children; moms and dads will appreciate Linnet's questions and the opportunities they present to talk about God with our kids, and grandparents will get more than a little misty-eyed at just how beautifully this tale is told. I could not recommend it more highly!

- Jon Dykstra


Reformed Perspective

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