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The Corner of His Garment

Christine Farenhorst


Christine Farenhorst once again impresses with her historical research, beautiful stories, and interesting characters. The tales quickly engage, taking you into the European and British world at the time of the 1500 and 1600s. The reader will not quickly forget the intriguing people and the issues of life that are presented. Christians are compelled to think about what living for Jesus in this world is all about. The stories also force the reader to deal with the tough questions of why a good God allows some terrible things to happen in this world and yet come to see that He is a great and compassionate God. I highly recommend this volume.

- Rev. Al Bezuyen

Covenant Reformed Church

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 


Christine Farenhorst brings her characteristically honest, well-researched craft to the five novellas of this book. Set in the often-harsh realities of plague, famine, and persecution of the 16th and 17th centuries, these stories share one central theme: the “strange and wonderful” providence of God. The wonder of God’s grace and all-encompassing providence shines out the more brightly against the dark backdrop of man’s brokenness and despair. Read and be challenged, moved, and strengthened. 

- Cliff and Henrietta Van Dyken


History, sound theology and crackerjack storytelling come wonderfully together in Christine Farenhorst’s newest book, The Corner of His Garment. Five different stories unfold dramatically and yet beautifully communicate the same message of the love of God for His people. Perfect to curl up with on a rainy afternoon when you might desire to get lost in gripping tales from the past while also getting encouraged in the historic Christian faith!

- Pastor Greg and Charity Bylsma,

Living Water URC, Brantford, Ontario


The Bible comes to us as a story and is filled with stories of God’s dealings with His people. In a variety of ways, (historical narrative, poetry, allegory, etc.), God communicates to us in an evocative way. Christians are a people who love stories because our God has revealed Himself to us in that way. Christine Farenhorst has demonstrated herself to be a master storyteller in her past books. Here she has done it again. Readers will once more be regaled with a feast of ‘soul full’ stories in her unique style. Take, read, and rejoice in the Lamb!

 - Rev. Paul Murphy, Pastor

Messiah Reformed Fellowship Church,

Manhattan, New York

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9 x 6 - 252pp

Soft-Cover & E-book



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