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Holy Bible

English Dort Version


Two Volumes

Wholly Accurate! Forever True!

Here presented is the first-ever publication of the historic English Dort Version of Holy Scripture, without its running commentary. So, Scripture alone.  Yet, brief section introductions and fresh Bible book outlines included.


And Scripture translated with the highest degree of accuracy possible by men fully qualified and uncompromisingly committed to its infallible truth, the Whole Counsel of God. Without a doubt, the English Dort Bible stands with the Genevan Bible and the King James Version on equal, perhaps greater, footing.


The EDV is for the hearty student of the Bible. In other words, not for those with an appetite for drive-by translations or paraphrases of Scripture. Volume I covers Genesis – Psalms. Volume II: Proverbs - Revelation


While it is well-known that the Synod of Dordrecht (1618-1619) and the Westminster Assembly (1645), in the confessional documents each produced, are both solidly Reformed, the English Dort Bible is the only project produced in an historic partnership of both. Here discover the historical link between Presbyterian and Reformed believers.


Here, Calvinists on both side of the Channel are joined at the hip in the publishing of God’s Word—all beginning in the Dutch city of Dordrecht.

Volume I: 8x10 Pp, 602 Soft-Cover. E-Book and Deluxe Leather-Bound

Volume II: 8x10 Pp. 542 Soft-Cover, E-Book and Deluxe Leather-Bound

Available world-wide from our global and local distribution partners

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