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Lifting Hands Eyes Wide Open

How Jesus' Prayer Empowers Christian Worldview

Thoughts and Prayers!

The Bible says that Jesus is reigning at God’s right hand. He is on the throne. And that he is ruling over all things for the church. But what does that mean for us mortals here below?


Admittedly, Christians can and do become discouraged, even hopeless, when living in the midst of a culture that denies God, where evil is bent on destroying whatever stands in its path, all that a believer holds dear.


But that same Ascended Lord grants His people on earth a surprising way to see things in a whole new light: His own prayer—The Lord’s Prayer—that is for the Kingdom which has come and is coming.


While the world ridicules “thoughts and prayers” as worthless, author Gerry Wisz shows how praying with spiritual eyes wide open activates a mighty Christian worldview that empowers the Flock of God to plant the Kingdom flag in every area of life.


“. . . rarely have I read anything that has prompted me to implore with the disciples, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’ As I read these meditations, I found that was my heart’s renewed cry. I pray that it will be your heart’s cry as well.” - George Grant, Ph.D., Parish Presbyterian Church

6x9 Pp. 104 Soft-Cover & E-Book


Gerry Wisz, B.A., M.A., has spent his career not only in journalism and communications, but also public relations and marketing in the New York City area. An avid student of Scripture, popular college professor and regular contributor to Christian Renewal Magazine, he has been married to his wife, Betty, for over 40 years. They gratefully enjoy their eight children and seven grandchildren.



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