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The Lord's Prayer and
the Prayers of Believers

For Thine Is the Kingdom

Kingdom - Power - Glory

Wisz writes not as a pastor or theologian, but as an informed layman,  a Christian journalist and writer. For him, the Lord’s Prayer teaches us something about the all-encompassing nature of this kingdom.

As believers, we learn, as we align ourselves with the prayer’s petitions, that God’s kingdom is an altogether sweeping dominion, leaving no “big idea” or the smallest nook or cranny untouched or unaffected in the world. In prayer, we bow down before Him to Whom all-of-life belongs, including every square inch of our hearts and lives.

Publisher's Choice Edition


I have been privileged over the years to read a fair number of commentaries on the Lord’s Prayer…. But, rarely have I read anything like this that has prompted me to implore with the disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

- Dr. George Grant

Parish Presbyterian Church


Take the journey with Gerry to a more complete understanding of God’s outline of special communication to enhance our communion with our Father – the King of kings and Lord of lords. 

- Editor John Van Dyk

Christian Renewal Magazine



Gerry Wisz, B.A., M.A., has spent his career not only in journalism and communications, but also public relations and marketing in the New York City area. An avid student of Scripture and a popular college professor, he has been married to his wife, Betty, for over 40 years. They gratefully enjoy their seven living children and seven grandchildren.


pp. 122 - Soft-Cover


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