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At last, an updated, user-friendly and annotated edition of one of church history’s most important works on the polity of the Christian church by C. Vitringa . . . More

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Best-selling author, Christine Farenhorst, in this "the high-water mark" of her accomplishments, inspires Christians today in our violent world with gripping stories of "everyday" Calvinists during WWII. . . . More

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In his latest book, Robert D. Norman explains what it means for you to prosper like a tree planted by streams of water, roots extending, branches bearing fruit—with green leaves that never wither. . . . More


"Vintage Christine Farenhorst!"

Love her crosswords?  Here's sixty, all in one  giant (8 1/2 x 11) book.  Challenging, delightful to exercise the mind and a bit of levity for the heart. . . More

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Robert D. Norman inspires you to walk that long, winding and often difficult path of faith, step-by-step, with Abraham. On the road to Bethlehem, Golgotha, and on to the New Jerusalem, you will  learn  how  to  keep  your  eye  on the  prize  (Philip. 3;14), however imperfectly, following Jesus. . . More


Society is adrift, and without a rudder. The people are perishing because they are lacking the vision for life and leadership. Whether in the government, education, on the job, at home or, especially, in the church . . . something has been lost, hasn’t it?  K. Sietsma shows us the way forward. . . More



Without this essential truth, the entire edifice of Christianity collapses. There is absolutely nothing left. The sheep, lost forever. Robert D. Norman shows us how and why the silence and slaughter of the Lamb is vital for the believer’s only comfort in life and death. . . . More


While the world ridicules “thoughts and prayers” as worthless, author Gerry Wisz shows how praying with spiritual eyes wide open activates a mighty Christian worldview that empowers the Flock of God to plant the Kingdom flag in every area of life. . . More

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Well-known Calvinist, Harry Antonides, has a sharp eye for the times, and for what has happened to truth. His cultural analysis will leave you breathless, but you will never see the world the same again. . . . More

The Original English Dort Bible

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