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Thy People Is My People

A Phrase-By-Phrase Analysis
of Three Weddings
From the Dort Bible

Three Weddings Phrase-By-Phrase

With the dignity and precision of Elizabethan English comes a phrase-by-phrase analysis of Ruth, Esther and the Song of Songs. The Dort Scholars—Experts of Biblical Interpretation—open Scripture like none before, or since.

Discover three weddings and three heroines, enveloped by intense historical-redemptive drama. The exposition is embedded within the text itself, so you toggle back and forth between Scripture and careful interpretation of each Bible verse. The result is a rich and rewarding understanding of these key figures in Salvation History, their splendid place in the coming of Messiah as prophet, priest and king.

Studying the three books as a unit promises fresh insights not only on each but also on the Bible as a whole. The one-of-kind style makes it impossible for you to rush through these precious portions of Scripture; rather, you will immerse yourself in God’s Word.

So as you research these weddings, take your time, take them in, and fortify your faith, phrase-by-phrase.


Scripture Phrase-By-Phrase Series

6x9 - Soft-Cover - pp. 158

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