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Christ's Spirit for Daily Living
Sanctification Deep and Wide

Step by Step

Walking through the winding and constantly bending paths of this life can often be a tough call on our weary souls. We fight for holiness, struggle with our sins, and often find ourselves begging God to help us overcome our trials and temptations.


This book on sanctification will help Christians travel that journey with more diligence, strength, hope, and delight. The Holy Spirit is the guide of every Christian and there is, perhaps, no more practical passage in Scripture which reveals the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of God’s people than what we see in Galatians 5:16-26.

Robert D. Norman is a UK missionary and author serving the Lord in Romania. There he proclaims the Good News of salvation and seeks to guide God’s people in holiness, living a thankful life in response to the marvelous work of Christ.

9 X 6 - pp. 275 - Soft-Cover & E-Book

Available World-Wide



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