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 God Meant It for Good

Does God Really Work Evil for Our Good?

Joseph’s life has even been turned into a play because his life is such an inspiration. Unfortunately, the only thing that is supposed to grip you is the “technicolour dream coat.” But there is much more. Throughout his life, Joseph would have many colorful victories.

However, when life seemed to be a wasteland of shattered possibilities, Joseph never lost his faith in the One True God. Even whilst living in a land of foreign and false gods, Joseph never bowed his knee to anybody other than His covenant God.

So, does God really work all things for your good? Even evil? Study and learn more about this Bible character. Joseph’s life was more than a coat. His whole life was one basking in the manifold layers and light of God’s providence on the way to the cross, where all Jesus’ own receive the robe of Christ’s righteousness, and life with abundant blessings.

Robert D. Norman is a UK missionary and author serving the Lord in Romania. There he proclaims the gospel, the Good News of salvation in the Cross, and the unfailing comfort of God’s absolute sovereignty in Christ for all who believe.

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