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A Crooked Stick Stricken and Cherished by God

Hope for Us, Too!

Despite the fact that Jacob was a trickster who always sought what was best for himself, God was able to use him for the advance of His plan. There would come a fateful day when God would come to Jacob and change his life. God chose to put Jacob on a specific path where he would learn about the wonders of the God of his father and grand-father . . . It took an entire lifetime of growth and learning, but it had certainly worked by the end of Jacob’s life. At the end of his life, Jacob had become wise in the knowledge of his God.

-From the Introduction


"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." We are all crooked sticks. But Robert D. Norman, as a missionary in Romania, is calling people to faith in Christ, in whom God is guiding his own on the pilgrim's path—through the ups and downs of life, bringing them to glory.

9x6 Pp. 233

Soft-Cover & E-Book



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