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Glorious Love
Jesus' Great Mediatory Prayer for His Own

The Bride in His Heart

The glory of God is so clearly presented to us in our Lord’s Upper Room prayer. The Son shows His unity with the Father in such a striking and heart-warming way, one that leaves us with a grand impression of our God. Not only was Jesus willing to die for us, but He prays for us. We have a great High Priest in Jesus. Here, in John 17, we see a part of that High Priestly ministry which will last until the last days are upon us.


That is for you, it is for me, that is, for all who are moved to seek Him. While He talks of glory in this prayer, we also look to that glory. As we draw out what Jesus shows us through this prayer it is my hope that we will be lost in the amazement of His glory as we explore what He is telling us through the chapters of this book.   - From the Introduction

9 x 6 - 164pp 

Soft-Cover & E-book

As a young man, Robert D. Norman was converted in the United Kingdom where he lived, and then called by God to serve as a missionary in Romania. There he is spreading the Good News of God’s Love, preparing disciples for the great Wedding Banquet of the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Church.



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