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Green Leaves That Never Wither
Growing--Deeply Rooted in Psalm 1

Thriving, Not Surviving!

As the gospel call rings out, all those ordained to eternal life will come to faith.  But that is only the beginning.  Believers are not only born again, but also grow in grace throughout the course of their lives.

Robert Norman offers a refreshing set of ten meditations on the first psalm which demonstrate the beauty of  a Christian life that is well-grounded, as well as the futility of those who are not. In practical terms, he explains what it means for you to prosper as a tree planted by streams of water, roots extending, branches bearing fruit—with green leaves that never wither.


Green Leaves will instruct and inspire you. Invigorated by God’s Word, you will see how your life is antithetical to that of the world. How you are alive, not dead; righteous, not wicked; thriving, not surviving. For it is no longer we who live, but Christ, the Messiah, within us.


So here sets the tone for everything, not only for the rest of the book of Psalms but also for the entirety of a believer’s world-and-live view. So dig deep!

9 x 6 - 127pp

Soft-Cover & E-book


Robert D. Norman was born in Welwyn, Garden City, England, and his family later moved to Inverness, Scotland. There, still a young man, he was drawn to faith in Christ. Having completed his studies at the Highland Theological College UHI, he is following God’s calling as a missionary in Dorohoi, Romania, where he proclaims the Word, disciples new Christians and cares for orphans.



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