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Innocent as a Lamb
Christ's Atonement in Isaiah 53

Bruised for Our Iniquities


In his intriguing Bible biography, Abraham: Faith’s Eye to the Future, Robert Norman writes that “Isaac eventually realized what would happen, and he was willing to go to his death . . .. Isaac could have overpowered his father, but he did not.”


We know that the boy who was substituted for a lamb was spared. However, the truly innocent Lamb, Jesus Christ, not only submitted to his Father’s will, he was stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted.


As Christians we call this the substitutionary or vicarious atonement for sin by the shed blood. Without this essential truth, the entire edifice of Christianity collapses. There is absolutely nothing left. The sheep, lost forever.


That said, in six chapters of practical meditations on Isaiah’s prophecy, Norman shows us how and why the silence and slaughter of the Lamb is essential to the believer’s only comfort in life and in death. The urgency of the message resounds throughout with an unwincing call to faith for those who have not yet truly heard the voice of the Good Shepherd. 

Highly Recommended for Lent 2020

6x9 Pp. 118 Soft-Cover & E-Book


Robert D. Norman was born in Welwyn, Garden City, England, and his family later moved to Inverness, Scotland. There, still a young man, he was drawn to faith in Christ. Having completed his studies at the Highland Theological College UHI, he is following God’s calling as a missionary in Dorohoi, Romania, where he proclaims the Word, disciples new Christians and cares for orphans. Check out his website.


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