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In the King's Presence

How Christ's Royal Majesty
Enriches Corporate Worship

Hexon J. Maldonado



O Worship the King!

That Christ is our glorious King should compel us to scour the Scriptures to see how he desires to be approached and worshipped. Not because we worry about what he might do to us. But because we love and adore him, and we desire to please and honor him in all that we do, particularly in how we engage in corporate worship.


This book is about the meaning and spiritual reality of biblical worship. It’s about how we should respond when we find ourselves in the presence of our King. See worship transformed from "anything goes" to "everything God."

Pp. 223 Soft-cover & E-book

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Hexon J. Maldonado is the founding pastor and Pastor for Preaching at Tapestry Community Church (Belton, Texas, USA). He holds an M.Div. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY) and a B.A. in Religion from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton, TX). He and his wife, and their four children, reside in central Texas.



In many cases the Church has caved to the entertainment, consumer, and political pressures of our culture. The temptation to accommodate is great but, in his book, Hexon Maldonado will help us recover the joy, blessing, honor, and reverence of entering into the King’s presence in corporate worship.

-- Rev. Jack Smith, Pastor Emeritus,

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX


Why do we go to church? This simple answer: we’ve been invited. It’s not our initiative but God’s. He is the King and we are his people who have free access through the mediation of his Son. Exploring this amazing reality with solid biblical insight, this book offers a bracing, winsome and convincing adjustment in our approach. If all of our churches followed the wisdom here, the fruit would be enormous!

—Michael Horton, Ph.D.

Professor of Systematic Theology

Westminster Seminary California


The holiness and majesty of God informs everything that Hexon Maldonado writes regarding corporate worship. God is actually present among His people when we gather together. We join in with the heavenly worship already taking place around His throne. Since God is the ultimate sovereign, he must not to be treated lightly, but approached with reverence. This is a concise biblical theology of worship that will ignite in your soul a desire to draw near to the very presence of God with the church.”

—Allan Kenitz, Pastor

Reformed Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, MI

Guided by the Reformation principle of Sola Scriptura, Maldonado relentlessly pursues the truth that God is the author of His own worship. Although cognizant of the New Testament’s primacy in shaping the public worship of the Church in keeping with the Gospel, Maldonado, to his credit, is not dismissive of the Old Testament—as if to regulate it almost to a ‘non-essential status.’ If one is looking for a primer on the corporate worship of the Christian Church, this book would be an excellent starting point.”

—Joe W. Kelley, Th.M., D.Min.

Pastor and Seminary Professor, Emeritus

Providence Theological Seminary


Hexon Maldonado’s wonderful new book unfolds the spiritual reality of corporate worship from the clear teachings of God’s word. It is at the same time both theologically rich and accessibly practical. I highly recommend it to my fellow pastors and fellow believers alike. If taken to heart, the wisdom found within these pages is a gift which will deepen our weekly services by preparing and equipping the local church to gather together in reverence and awe into the very throne room of His Majesty the King for the purpose of glorifying and enjoying Him.

—Greg Van Court, Pastor

Dayspring Fellowship, Austin, TX


Pastor Maldonado sets out the elements of corporate worship as found in Scripture and then goes on to examine our responsibility as Christians to worship in light of the Lordship of Christ. As an Anglican Priest, I greatly appreciated his emphasis on the sacramental aspects of worship, something that is too often neglected, if not completely left behind. A great help and obvious labor of love.”

—Fr. Rogers Meredith

St Francis Anglican Church

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth


Exegetically rich and Christ-centered, this study covers the sweep of redemptive history to show the significance of the church’s assembly under the rule of King Jesus. Whether you are a pastor or a church goer, this book will help you recapture the awesome thing that is happening when believers gather for worship. If you want to make Sunday mornings count for the glory of God, read this!

—Daniel Drake, Preaching Elder

 Killeen Bible Church, Killeen, TX



6x9 - Soft-Cover - pp. 223

Available through our global and regional distributors

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