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Heidelberger Q&A 

Growing in Grace

for youth and new believers

Why I Need You

Now in eighteen crisp lessons, the Heidelberger, edited and revitalized, comes alive for another generation. Here is offered not only the answers but also the questions for life’s most important issues.

The vitality of the church thrives on the spiritual health of its members. The Heidelberger Q&A, or Compendium of the Christian religion, was designed to prepare covenant youth and new believers for lively participation in the church and society.


This Shorter Heidelberger, tried and tested since 1618-1619, has proven to be a treasure beyond measure. In fact, its spiritual mother, the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, is the third best-selling book of all time, after the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress.

Pp. 54- Soft-cover 


Faith Formation for Adult Church Participation

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