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Six Men You Should Known
Christine Farenhorst

Are You Well-Grounded?

In the Parable of the Sower, we learn how the good seed of God’s Word is scattered everywhere, but falls on different kinds of soils: on hardened paths, in rocky places, among thorns and … on good soil. Each of these six significant men were raised in godly homes. Farenhorst tells their stories, their incredible accomplishments, and then how each one turns out.

These intriguing biographies of Marin Luther King Jr., Albert Schweitzer, Rembrandt, Samuel Morse, Sigmund Freud and Norman Rockwell beg the question, “So who do you say that I am?” Let those who have ears to hear, listen! Get to know these men, and get to know yourself.


“An immensely readable and profitable book that explains and analyzes the lives of some well-known figures who have influenced humanity. A number of them were gifted but tragic men. The warnings that their lives proclaim are immensely salutary and fascinating. I loved reading this book. It is quite gripping, written with the accomplished literary style of this gifted author.”

- Geoffrey Thomas

Wales, UK

6x9 - 220 pp. - Soft-Cover & E-Book


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