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A Pun My Word

Sixty Crosswords with a Distinctive Worldview

Farenhorst at Her Best!

A pillar of Calvinism is that all of life is religion. For the believer, there are no parts that are neutral, let alone secular. But crossword puzzles? You’ve got to be kidding, right? Truth is, in these interesting, challenging and delightful puzzles by a celebrated author and Christian Renewal contributor, you will certainly discover a distinctive worldview for the renewal of the mind, and even a bit of levity for the heart.


Why do I like crossword puzzles from Christine Farenhorst? It is the variety of the clues. There are historical and contemporaneous references, there are clues from different languages (including from what I hear, the language of heaven – Dutch), biblical references, and my favorites, puns. Who knew a wet panda was a “drizzly bear?” And that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall just to make up  for a  “lousy” summer? So, enjoy the puzzles! And if you love someone – I mean really, really love them – you know what to do.

- Rev. Mitchell Persaud


If you, like us, have enjoyed solving Christine Farenhorst’s crosswords with each new CR arrival over the years, you will savor this selection of sixty. Here you will find droll humor, pithy sayings, wry jokes,  occasional political commentary and more . . . vintage Christine Farenhorst at her best!

-Cliff and Hen


My wife and I greatly look forward to doing the crossword with every Christian Renewal. The satirical clues always make us groan and laugh at the same time. So, we would encourage anyone to do these crosswords!

-Ben and Karina


Christine’s crosswords are the cause that I sometimes get to bed late and leave for work late!

 -Ernst Vander Meer


In addition to publishing numerous outstanding books, Christine Farenhorst is also a columnist for Reformed Perspective and a contributing writer for Christian Renewal. She and her husband, Anco, have five children, twenty-seven grandchildren, a dog, and twelve chickens.



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