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Dandelion Child
Elizabeth Enter

Desperate Journeys

Fleeing the orphanage in the slums of 19th century London, Eden Davies finds hope in the British Home Child program. Grappling with demons of the past, Eden carries a secret with her that threatens to destroy her future, while questions of self-worth plague the young girl craving a normal life.


When the reality of harsh life in rural Canada shatters the dreams she clings to, Eden struggles to find acceptance within the community and discovers that changing life circumstances cannot change who she is.


Eventually, Eden crosses paths with a grief-stricken mother, Anna Burke, who finds herself sinking into a deep depression, failing to find purpose as she adapts to life without her son. Discovering a common bond of despair, the lives of these two women are intertwined.

These pages take you on a journey of raw human emotion evoking sadness, anger, and heartbreak but also joy, hope and gladness. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and by the end you’ll wish there were more pages to turn.…

Elizabeth Enter is a wife and mother of five. When not helping the children with homework, she is part time in the office of her husband's landscape company, enjoys being outdoors, and finds immense satisfaction in a well-written story.

“I have been writing for many years but only recently have chosen to expose my soul to the world. This is my debut novel.”

Pp. 410 Soft-Cover & E-book 

Available through our global and regional distributors

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