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Evangelism in the Old Testament
The Unfolding Drama of World Missions

A Missional Discovery

When one thinks of evangelism in the Old Testament, likely figures such as Rahab and Ruth come to mind, along with others, trickling into the covenant community to join hands with the people of God— foretastes of Gentiles as well as Jews called to faith in Christ following the Great Commission.


However, De Jong wonders: “Maybe we have been missing something significant. I was cognizant of many places in the Old Testament where God had so designed events that the end result of those events became an empire-wide call for repentance and a call to worship the true God of the Israelites. Those amazing empire-wide proclamations will unfold in these chapters as we proceed.”


In other words, as the pre-incarnate Christ was on the way to Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives, He was already laying the foundation for World Missions. Profound hope here for Zion on her way to the New Jerusalem.

“Today, as I look at the picture of all of us, including the dictator himself, heads bowed, eyes closed as we prayed, I realize that the world-wide mission of the gospel of the resurrected Christ is an ongoing miracle that is wonderfully presented already in the Old Testament.”

 - From the Foreword by Joel H. Nederhood

9x6 - Pp. 135 - Soft-Cover & E-Book


Norman De Jong, Ph.D., served as a professor for many years at Dordt University and Trinity Christian College. He then went on to study theology at Mid-America Reformed Seminary and was subsequently ordained as a Minister of the Word in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Dr. De Jong is a highly respected author of books, Bible studies and articles. With his careful text- analyses, he may sometimes challenge conventional thinking but he always drives you to dig deeper into God’s Word.

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